HTC’s Desire 10 is a budget phone in a fancy suit


HTC’s mid-range Desire line has been the company’s bread winner for the past couple of year, while HTC has struggled to compete with Samsung and Apple on the high-end. But while the Desire line has been hugely important to HTC’s bottom line, it has always had a playful, less serious look than the company’s other phones.

That’s changing today, as the Desire 10 sheds the youthful appearance for a more grown-up take. The Desire 10 is actually two phones — there’s a “pro” version and a “lifestyle” model — but while the specs and features differ between the two, they share a common design language.

And the best way to describe that design language is “adult.” The Desire 10 comes in four colors: black, navy, white, and a…

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GoPro’s Karma drone is easy to fly, but I still broke it – The Verge


The Verge
GoPro's Karma drone is easy to fly, but I still broke it
The Verge
I've never flown a drone before, so of course I crashed the GoPro Karma. Okay, "crashed" might be a strong word for it — I broke a rotor when I landed the quadcopter too close to a rock. Other than that, my first flight was a blast. GoPro's been
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Following methane leak, Tesla to provide 80MWh of battery capacity to SoCal power company

Tesla Powerpack
The new Powerpack facility has to be up and running by December 31, 2016. Elon Musk is going to be a busy, busy man.